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Anarchist Reading Group - Bread For All


bread for all


Hot on the heels of their EP cassette release, this sextet of unapologetic improvisers returns with their fledgling full-length record. Each member of the ensemble devised a concept to use as a jumping-off point for collaborative improvisation. Released on the birth date of the Russian anarchist Peter Kropotkin, from whom the album title has been borrowed (The Conquest of Bread, 1892), this bold, baffling, ocasionally belligerent and most definitely beautiful album is available on CD and to download, exclusively on Bandcamp.

'We have the temerity to declare that all have a right to bread, that there is bread enough for all, and that with this watchword of Bread For All the revolution will triumph.' - Kropotkin, 1892

Will Hammond | Jayne Dent | Adam Stapleford | Marie Schreer | John Pope | John Garner

Released 09 December 22 | Recorded, mixed & mastered by John Martindale at Blank Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne | Artwork by Anarchist Reading Group